Implementing elearning at the faculty level

A year ago we came to the IAIN Raden Intan (UIN then) twice, by May and Novemeber 2016, to effortlessly convinced the high ranking staffs to implement elearning. And yes they did it well, at least can be seen from the traffic of its elearning at Among other elearnings available from out clients, it has the highest number of users, about 26,000.

This week, 19-20 Sept 2017, we come back to the Raden Intan to implement its elearning at the faculty level. Had we ever considered low budget as primary hindrance to implementing elearning? We should have learnt from Fakultas Syariah of the Raden Intan then for it had only a little budget which could only cover a local resource person but had shown convincing approach by inviting NCIE resource person for which it had to provide roundtrip airfare, hotel and of course a bit higher payment. This is all done since they know how fruitful elearning bears for our ‘millennial’ students, a generation born some time in 1990’s.

Again, we are just wondering if the way we teach our students has not changed yet while the students we teach are of millennial generation, a generation that always has a mobile gadget on hand almost all the time. Elearning comes to renew lecturer’s pedagogic skill, a skill that is up to date to current development of ITs.